TRANSFORMERS: "We Are Autobots"
Augmented Reality
To promote the theatrical release of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, Paramount Pictures International made ground-breaking use of augmented reality and face tracking technology to give Transformers fans the opportunity to picture themselves with the original 3D CGI head of legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

Visitors to the ‘We Are Autobots’ site could also find a hidden message from Bumblebee featuring an exclusive montage of Decepticon footage from the new movie. 

‘We Are Autobots’ was developed using the original 3D models of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee that appear in the film. 
The DVD and Blu-ray release of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN was also the first to use augmented reality to activate a compelling new form of entertainment using the packaging and a webcam.

Fans who pointed the front of the 2-disc DVD or Blu-ray package at a webcam activated a 3D holographic experience that includes puzzle solving, discovery, and game-play. As part of this experience, fans were able to examine the Matrix of Leadership, help Optimus Prime shoot Decepticon targets, and more - all in holographic 3D.
Augmented reality works through a webcam that will first recognize familiar 2-dimensional images. Once it has identified a ‘marker’, it uses this as a basis upon which to project 3-dimensional objects, animations and interactive content. In the case of the TRANSFORMERS DVD and Blu-ray, the marker is the packaging. As such, the packaging itself becomes a gateway to a whole new level of Transformers entertainment.


ROLE: Creative Strategy, Technology Strategy
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International
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