in PlayStation Home
On April 20th, 2009, STAR TREK director JJ Abrams and stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto visited Sony PlayStation Home for an exclusive Q&A with select press and bloggers from around the world. The event was broadcast live via Ustream with interactive chat via CoveritLive. 
The Q&A was part of a number of unique opportunities in Home ahead of the global release of STAR TREK.  Home residents were able to view an exclusive video greeting from Abrams alongside the latest STAR TREK trailer in the Home Theater. A selection of virtual STAR TREK merchandise e.g. Starfleet Uniforms and T-Shirts, were available for free in the Threads Store, alongside a unique ‘Star Trek in Home Avatar competition’ and the ‘Star Trek Party (in Home)’ where attendees had the chance to grab some exclusive merchandise and prizes. 
There was also a Home mini-game where users navigated the Starship Enterprise through various targets. 

ROLE: Creative Strategy, Production, Machinima Director/Producer, Avatar Design
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International 
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