DC UNIVERSE Experience
at Comic-Con

At the highly anticipated DC UNIVERSE Experience at Comic-Con International, fans were able to step into the world of DC for the first time and literally walk through the originals, classics and comics soon to be available through the digital subscription service.

Glass Eye was invited by Giant Spoon to partner on interactive activations that immersed guests in iconic DC titles: Young Justice, Harley Quinn, and Swamp Thing. 

Our Green Eye experiential services toolkit provided shareable personalized content as well as custom RFID and automatic camera systems that facilitated guest management so fans could quickly and easily navigate each touchpoint.
Strike your most heroic pose in the Young Justice Watchtower and join earth’s newest superhero team in your custom motion poster. 

Which Outsider are you? Take the Young Justice character quiz to find out.
Create mayhem in the Harley Quinn chaos room. The surveillance camera records your insanity as you vent your rage in the Arkham Asylum padded cell.
Avoid succumbing to the deadly virus in the mystical swamps of Swamp Thing. At the end, your most surprised moment is captured by a scare-cam as you are confronted by a mysterious creature.
   • CNET   "Swinging a baseball bat inside a padded cell may be the highlight of Comic-Con for me"​​​​​​​
   • io9   "DC Turned San Diego Comic-Con Into an Awesome Living Comic Book"​​​​​​​
   • Syfy Wire   "San Diego Comic-Con is a little bit more demanding than the average con. To stand out at this show, companies need to bring something special, and this year DC brought us an entire universe."​​​​​​​


ROLE: Project Lead, Creative Lead, Creative Direction, and Production for Glass Eye
AGENCY: Glass Eye​​​​​​​
CLIENT: Warner Bros. Digital Networks and DC Entertainment

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